Review of India Food Tour – Private Tour

““Indian holiday in Himachal Pradesh”
5 of 5 stars First of all, apologies for the late review. I meant to write it since a very long time but could never find the time to do it. Anyhow, I came to know about India Food Tour when I was on a business trip last year. As I had a few days free for myself, I was looking forward to enjoy a vacation here. As I was traveling alone, I had the freedom to decide anything. After a bit of searching around on internet, I decided to go for a hoilday in Himalayas. I wanted to have a bit of adventure away from cities close to nature. I read a few reviews on this site and contacted them for help. Within 3 days, my plan was made and I was on my way to Spiti near Tibet border. I spent 2 days in Manali getting acclimatised while enjoying the sights. The hot water springs there after a day of walking were just heavenly. The old Manali town itself is very charming and picturesque. I wish I could stay there for long, but I just didn’t have enough time. After that, I visited Chandertaal Lake to stay in the camp for 2 days. There were some local shepherds with their goats, sheep and ferocious looking yet gentle dogs.Then we moved towards main Kaza town and spent some time in Kaza, Kibber, Pin area. The simple, hospitable and friendly local villagers were not rich by any means, but very helpful and genuine. I left this place with a heavy heart and reached Shimla, big town by comparison to end my vacation It was completely different and life changing experience. I personally highly recommend it.” #tourism #travel #india #food
from Udaipur Food Tour


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