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Indian Cooking Classes
While eating or watching a food show, have you ever considered cooking any of the dishes in front of you ? Specially exotic Indian dishes like butter chicken, paratha, halwa or any of numerous delectable dishes which make various parts of expansive Indian cuisine ? At first glance, it looks hard. Most people can’t seem to find right ingredients, spices, can’t cook following written recipes and in many cases just seems to difficult for a beginner. This is where our cooking classes can help you get over all the obstacles and help you learn cook a variety of Indian dishes in easiest way. Our cooking classes are teach the basics as well as advanced techniques which can be used to cook multiple dishes with minimal use of ingredients.

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The benefits of Yoga . Yoga means the wonderful union of mind, body and soul along with communion to Cosmic Consciousness. It aids in bringing peace to the mind, a blissful, happy state and internal harmony. This is an age-old Indian practice and hosts many benefits such as healing the body through Yoga postures (Yogasanas), higher awareness and clarity of the mind. These timeless traditions from the scriptures of India are designed to bring benefits for life. For those spiritually minded guests we offer a Yoga tour or class combined with Yoga foods. Yoga is a way of life rather than some postures. A great combination of art and science, Yoga shows you the way to a balanced life, with its blend of asanas and Yoga foods. Yoga food is essentially vegetarian food which is fresh, wholesome, nutritious and lightly spiced, where the natural benefits of the ingredients involved are preserved to a large extent. Instead on dividing the components of food into proteins, carbohydrates and fats, Yoga classifies food based on the life force or Prana it gives the body. These are called SATTVIC foods and they aid in purifying the body and mind #yoga #india #food #foodyoga
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Jodhpur is a great destination in Rajasthan to taste the traditional Marwari cuisine in it’s original form. There are a number of old and famous eating joints which have been serving great food for many generations. Like most Rajasthani regions, cuisine of Jodhpur is equally famous for it’s spicy as well as sweet dishes. Most people in Jodhpur will eat something sweet first then move on to main course. Due to this love for sweets, the traditional hospitality of Jodhpur is called Meethi Manuhar, Some of the more popular Jodhpuri dishes are Pyaaz (onion) Kachauri, Mawa Kachauri, Mirchi Vada, Panchkuta and Makhaniya Lassi. Sweet part is represented by Maakhan Vade, Mava kachauri and Besan chikki.

We offer the most memorable and fun tours of Jodhpur which contain the best of food and sights of this beautiful city. Each tour is meant to present the Jodhpur in best possible way and offers some hidden corners of Jodhpur and delicious food which most tourists usually miss. Each food tour in Jodhpur covers one to two meals of the day including snacks and a tour of some great attractions of the city. These tours combine the best of a food walk as well as sightseeing in one attractive package.

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We arrange culinary tours, sightseeing and adventure travel for tourists who wish to travel India via custom travel packages instead of fixed packages. Unlike other tour operators who sell inflexible tour packages, we offer tailor made travel packages which help our guests get best of travel experience in India without spending too much money, time or effort. We offer various custom travel services like Indian food tours in select Indian cities, sightseeing activities almost all over India and adventure activities like camping, trekking etc in Himalayan regions.

All that tourists who wish to travel India with us have to do is to arrive in India and we’ll take up everything from there. We’ll arrange for all of your travel basics as well as more elaborate needs, such as transport, accommodation, food, sightseeing, traveling gear, adventure gear etc. If you want to pick and choose travel services yourself, you are welcome to do so too. If you want to change your travel plans, extend your stay or visit more places in between the tour, we’ll be help you with it too. If you wish to travel India, you’ll find very few tour operators who offer such flexible tour packages at such low prices. Sounds interesting, want more information or just want to say hello ? Mail us at or use this contact page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Indian Food Tours

Indian Food Tours offers some amazing culinary tours in numerous cities across India including New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and quite a few others. The type of tours offered include food walks, cooking classes, kitchen tours, spice market tours and much more. Food tour in Delhi is the top ranked culinary tour service in New Delhi and has served a large number of foodie guests from all over the world. Each food tour is an optimal mixture of food tasting, sightseeing and numerous fun things to do depending upon the city.

Cooking classes and kitchen tours with Indian Food Tours are arranged in reputed hotels as well as homes of Indian families according to wishes of the guest. Latter ensures that the guests have a complete India experience and can see how an Indian family lives from up close. You not only learn about cooking and finer details about Indian food but also get a friendly glimpse in to the lives of a typical Indian family.

Cooking classes can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending upon the preferences of the guests. A crash course class in Indian cooking which teaches 6-8 Indian dishes is 5-6 hours long. A full day class is 9-10 hours long. People who want to learn more details can have 2 or more sessions in which they can learn to cook as many Indian food dishes and drinks they like.”
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Delhi Supper Club “Delhi Supper Club. Food, people and nightlife of Delhi.

. Delhi Supper Club is your one stop destination for everything related to food, nightlife, drinks, parties, events and people in Delhi city. We host cooking classes, bar crawls, night outs and fun-filled parties which help you meet new interesting people and reconnect with your old friends in a relaxed ambiance. ”

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You can get a feel the grandeur of Jaipur via various heritage hotels that you can choose as per you wish and budget. We offer food tour plans to suit both your choice and pocket. Rajashthan is famous for its hotels as it is for its forts and palaces. Staying in a heritage hotel, which is an old palace or mansion turned in to a hotel is one of the most sought after experiences for tourists in Rajasthan

There are many places which serve tolerably good international cuisines such as continental and Chinese. But when you are in Rajasthan, there is no substitute for the original Rajasthani food. A lot of Rajasthani dish are very hot due to their love for chillies, but it shouldn’t dissuade anyone from trying it. Even a person who can’t eat spicy food can enjoy Rajasthani food without any worries under proper guidance. Either way, the charm of enjoying traditional Rajasthani food as you soak in the royal culture can’t be overstated.

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