Udaipur Food Tour

1) Sightseeing, food, city walks and much more Tour of spice market in Delhi . Our tours focus not just food but also the sights and experience. A food tour with us includes extras like city walk, tour of special bazars like Spice Market (biggest in India), tour of some beautiful attractions cycle rickshaw rides, glimpses in to the kitchens and much more. Unlike every other tour, we provide food, sightseeing as well as a bit of adventure all in one package.

2) Low Price and Longer Duration We offer the best possible food tour service which includes unlimited food, drinks, transport in air-conditioned vehicles, bottled water, wet-wipes, sanitizer and more at lowest possible price. No other tour operator is even close to providing everything that we do. Additionally, most of our tours are more than 5-7 hours long. Even then, our prices are amongst the lowest. Cost for a single person tour is Rs 4500 ($ 72), but cost per person for a group of 2 or more tourists is just Rs 4000 ($ 65). Discounts are available for larger groups.

3) Highly customized food tours As our focus is on the individual guests instead of a large group of tourists consisting of mutual strangers, we design our tours around the guest instead of the other way around. No two city walk and food tours by us are exactly alike in terms of food, places visited etc. The food preferences of every single guest are taken in to account before suggesting or serving anything. This avoids situations like where a vegetarian guest is stuck in a larger group consisting of non-vegetarian strangers he/she never met before.

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Food walks which showcase the best of authentic Indian food from different regions are our specialty. All of our food walks are highly popular and have won awards and notice from diverse sources including Tripadvisor Award Of Excellence and coverage in national and international media. As of now, we are offering food walks in New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Mumbai and launching soon in a few other cities.All of these food walks provide the best experience of the cityand a great introduction of India in shortest possible time. These food tours can be bought separately or as a part of a longer tour. Learning to cook Indian food has never been easier.

There are dozens of different cuisines in India each with some signature dishes which have become famous world over. Chicken Tikka, different types of curries, Dosa, Idli, Chai have won numerous dedicated fans world over. Some of these dishes are complicated and take quite a bit of practice to make properly while others are quite easy and can be prepared in minutes. The most sought after secret for Indian cooking is the proper use of spices which eludes most people and comes only with experience. For people who want to learn all the secrets of Indian cooking, Indian Food Tour offers specialised cooking classes in different cities of India.
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Udaipur Food Tour

Food Tours in Udaipur are the best way of exploring this royal city and it’s delicious cuisine. Each food tour is an optimal combination of the most popular food available in Udaipur and the most famous as well as hidden sights of the city which most people usually miss. The food walks/food tours can begin in morning or afternoon depending upon conditions like preferences of guests, weather etc and usually last for 6-7 hours inclusive of pickup and drop from most locations in Udaipur. For more serious foodies, cooking classes or demos are the next step in their culinary journeys. Udaipur Food Tour offers custom cooking demos and classes which are led by qualified chefs. Each class has limited amount of seats and small group sizes are preferred.
The chefs teach their students the proper way to use ingredients and spices in Indian cooking, so that the guests can prepare the authentic Indian food almost anywhere with minimum ingredients and effort.Prior experience of cooking is not required, but is highly desirable. The guests can learn to make anything from simple Daal (lentils) to specialised delicacies like Laal Maas and much more. Duration of these cooking classes vary from a short cooking demo of 4 hours for people short on time toy and 7-8 hours for full day class. Prices for these start from INR 6000 (US $ 100) for a single student to INR 4500 (US $ 75) for each extra student. If needed, pickup and drop is provided from certain areas in Udaipur, but may be chargeable according to distance.

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Udaipur Food Tour

Custom India Tour Packages and Travel Services For Your India Trip

. India Food Tour provides custom made India tour packages with Indian food tours, sightseeing tours and adventure activities in India . Our private tour packages of India are tailor made according to wishes of the guests and are completely private and exclusive. That is, your India tour is just for you and we don’t make you travel with another group of guests. The size of group tours is kept small to enable maximum attention to detail and provide high quality of service to all of our guests. This way travellers can enjoy their tour in complete privacy and on their own terms. As Indian food gains popularity all over the world, more and more people want to explore Indian cuisine in more detail. A lot of tourists want to participate in activities like food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, introduction to spices and so on. Although we are already operating such activities in a few cities across India for quite some time with great response, the tours of India with a chef are meant for discerning travelers who want to learn more about Indian food than what’s possible in a day. The chef tours are designed to include the best of sightseeing, activities and Indian food in the most enjoyable way.

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India Photo Tour

A photo tour is a great way of exploring a city if you are visiting it for 1st time or have been living there for decades. Each city in India has a different ambiance, sights and people. There is always something new and interesting that one discovers on an excursion. These private photo tours in different cities across India help you do that and much more. These tours with a photography guide can cover just one or multiple aspects of the city depending upon what your needs are. For example, you can choose to visit and photograph monuments, bazaars, people, some particular attraction or a mix of all this.

All you have to do is giving us date, time, location and your general requirements and we’ll arrange a custom photography tour just for you. We provide our guests the ability to choose the places and activities that they want to cover and we then take care of all the logistics including entry, transport, food, guides, photography gear and everything else. Such photography tours can include a mix of all the other activities mentioned on our website like sightseeing, food walks, bazar tour or just a dedicated photography tour in certain places.These photo tours are best utilised by serious travelers and photographers who want to make the best of their trip to India. As these photo tours are always private, there are no distractions and maximum freedom to tailor it to your own needs or even change the schedule along the way. Cost of such custom tours differs according to duration and activities chosen.

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Agra Food Tour

This photography tour of Agra lets you explore and photograph most worth visiting monuments of Agra city not just limited to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Your photography guide helps you understand the lesser known details of each place you visit and rich history of this ancient city. This is an excellent choice for casual as well as dedicated photographers who want to take some memorable professional quality pictures to keep the memories of their trip to Taj Mahal fresh for a life time.

Instead of worrying about finding good spots to take pictures or how to take them, you can rely on the expertise of your photography guide to make sure that your photos are the best and will be more than just worth sharing with friends and family.

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“Rajasthan Food Tour offers best Rajasthan travel packages with numerous fun activities like culinary tours, cooking classes, desert safaris, play time with elephants, jungle safaris, cultural events and much more. We offer the best culinary, cultural and travel experience to tourists in Rajasthan by way of custom travel packages. The travel packages are tailor made according to requirements of every tourist and provide the best travel experience at lowest possible price. We provide following travel packages in Rajasthan: Complete Rajasthan travel packages.
Gourmet holiday packages with a Chef. Culinary tours with food tours, cooking classes and kitchen tours. Rajasthan heritage tours with heritage hotel stays, art classes and interactive tours. Rajasthan adventure tours with activities like desert safaris, camel rides, hot air balloon rides and more. Rajasthan wildlife tours in some of best national parks and sanctuaries in India.” #foodtours #culinary #foodwalk #rajasthan #cooking #indian food https://plus.google.com/114624388767720882560/
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